Overseas Ambassadors

The RCR has appointed two overseas ambassadors to represent both Faculties of the RCR outside the UK. This pilot scheme will see Ambassadors appointed for India and Egypt.    
The Overseas Ambassador for Egypt is Dr Hassan Abdelsalam.
The Overseas Ambassador for India is Dr Venkat Sudigali.

Key roles

The role of the overseas ambassador includes:
  • Offering advice and fielding enquiries for the RCR within India or Egypt  
  • Help foster a sense of beloging to the RCR locally
  • Promoting the RCR and the benefits of membership, including the online CPD as part of RCR Learning and any new offerings
  • Bringing together the views of Fellows and members within India or Egypt  
  • Act as a point of liaison between members in the country and the RCR
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with national societies for radiology or oncology, universities, government etc within India or Egypt  
  • Acting as a conduit of intelligence about developments in the specialties in the country that might impact on RCR.

Applications are now closed and the RCR is grateful to all those who have put their names forward for these opportunities.