Guidelines for webinar leads

Below are some tips to help make your webinar a success:

  1. Outline your plan

Plan your webinar presentation as you would for a traditional lecture to ensure it is well structured and flows smoothly.  A frequently used structure is: Introduction, learning outcomes, main content, discussion, conclusions and take away messages.

  1. Limit the amount of text

     Use images, video and graphics as much as possible to cut down on text.  The RCR can help with this if needed.  See Use of copyrighted material in educational resources

  1. Use animations

Slides need to change more frequently than in face to face teaching to keep the audience’s attention, so consider using transitions, highlights or annotations to reveal what the learner needs to know in a step-wise fashion.

  1. Explain graphs, charts etc. only as much as is needed. 

Visual cues such as arrows, one word descriptors or percentages can help the audience to focus

  1. Include Interactivity

Provide opportunities for the audience to interact where possible through questions or polls to invite participation and increase engagement.

  1. Manage Questions

Decide at the outset, and let the audience know, whether you are happy to take questions throughout the presentation or only at the end.  Build in time for questions, particularly after explanation of a complex aspect and at the end. Answers to questions should be short and to the point, not diversifying into other topics.

  1. Remove patient identifiers

It is essential that presentations do not include any images with patient identifiable data. This means not only removing their name and date of birth from the actual image, but also any identifiers such as NHS/ hospital number, hospital name, doctors name, etc. from any metadata file attached.  It is important to remember that identifying the clinician or the institution may, in some cases, identify the patient, so please remove all identifiers.

  1. Branding

Use the RCR branded first and last slides provided to maintain branding as part of the RCR’s webinar series. You can add your organisation’s slide after the first one and your final slide just before the closing one.