Guidelines for webinar leads

Follow these tips to help make your webinar a success:

Outline your plan

Plan your activity so that it is well structured and flows smoothly. A frequently used structure is: Introduction, declaration of conflicts of interest, learning outcomes, main content, discussion, conclusions and take away messages.

Activity duration and structure

Please keep to the time allocation agreed with the RCR staff to enable appropriate scheduling and promotion of your resource.Digital resources will generally be shorter than face to face events as evidence shows that prolonged concentration on online resources is difficult.We may ask you to split your material into several blocks.

Use of images in activity collateral  

Please ensure any images, video and graphics included in your activity are copyright free or you have consent to use them. Please see Use of copyrighted material in educational resources and contact RCR Learning.

If you do need to seek images for your presentation from the internet, we recommend that you use websites which feature copyright free images (for example, Unsplash and and that when using Google Images you use the Usage rights tool when searching.

It is essential that presentations do not include any images with patient identifiable data. This means not only removing their name and date of birth from the actual image, but also any identifiers such as NHS/ hospital number, hospital name, doctors name, etc. from any metadata file attached.

Include interactivity

Please provide opportunities for the audience to interact where possible through questions or polls, discussions or other activities to increase engagement.