Guidance for RCR 2023 annual conference speakers

Your presentation

All speakers will present live at the ICC, Birmingham, with the conference also streamed online. You will have the opportunity to show PowerPoint slides or to make use of audio/video clips or internet access during your lecture. When preparing your presentation, please note the following:

  • Presentations must be delivered to time, and you should factor in at least 5 minutes for questions into your lecture slot.
  • The venue uses PC laptops in all rooms to project presentations, so please ensure you prepare your presentation with this in mind. PowerPoint slides should be standard widescreen size (16:9 ratio).
  • When preparing your PowerPoint presentation, we suggest bearing the following in mind to ensure your contribution is inclusive to the widest possible audience, including those watching your lecture online who will likely be viewing the slides on a much smaller screen (i.e., a laptop):
    • Only include the key points in your PowerPoint; avoid large amounts of text.
    • Use a large font size (18pt minimum) and sans-serif fonts such as Helvetica, Arial and Verdana. 
    • Limit the number of slides (as a general rule we suggest 1 slide per 90 seconds maximum).
    • Graphics, tables and text should be of a sufficient size to be clearly visible at distance.
    • Use high contrast colours between text and the background; the best contrast is black and white or dark blue and white.
  • Please ensure any images, video and graphics included in your PPT:
    • Are copyright free or you have consent to use them (please refer to Use of copyrighted material in educational resources before preparing your presentation).
    • Do not include any images with patient identifiable data. This means not only removing their name and date of birth from the actual image, but also any identifiers such as NHS/ hospital number, hospital name, doctors name, etc. from any metadata file attached.
    • Are high resolution (300dpi).
  • You are welcome to prepare your PPT in presenter mode. You will be able to refer to your notes on the laptop in the room while moving through your slides.
  • Learning points: Your session Chair will have submitted learning points for the overall session. You should have received these already and will also be available on the conference webpage . Please ensure that your session enables delegates to achieve these learning points.

Audio Visual

  • Presentation laptops (PC laptops) will be provided by the ICC, Birmingham. Speakers are advised to use the laptops provided, and not their own unless by prior arrangement. 
  • Where it is absolutely necessary for a speaker to present from their own laptop, please ensure you bring the relevant cables (including the relevant adapter to HDMI), particularly if you have a Mac. 
  • If your presentation contains movie or video clips, we will require a copy of the video file(s) as well as the PowerPoint file. Please avoid Quicktime .mov files.

Interactive Voting

  • Interactive voting will be possible at the conference, and you will be asked to indicate if you wish to use this on the speaker/chair webform.  Full guidance notes about how this will work will be provided closer to the time.  It is important that if you would like to use the interactive voting in your session, that you discuss this with the chair of your session in advance, as there may be a requirement for them to assist in displaying the audience responses. 
  • Please note you will be required to send your final multiple-choice questions and answers to us no later than Thursday 28 September.  Questions and answers will be limited to 257 characters each.


  • Almost all conference sessions will be streamed online for virtual delegates to access live (aside from a select number of workshop sessions which will not translate well online. Speakers taking part in these sessions will be notified by their session chair and will just deliver their presentations to in-person delegates). 
  • Please note that if you do not consent to being recorded, your session will still be streamed online for virtual delegates to access live (aside from those taking part in the workshop sessions mentioned above), but a recording will not be made available after the session ends.

Travel, accommodation and expenses

Travel and accommodation: You will be asked about your travel and accommodation requirements on the speaker/chair webform.

  •  Requests for the RCR to book your travel and accommodation will be reviewed in line with the RCR's travel and expense policy, and decisions will take into consideration the duration of your journey and requested arrival time. If your accommodation request is authorised, the RCR will book your accommodation for you, and our travel agent Altour will be in touch in July to book your travel.
  • Those wishing to make their own arrangements must read the RCR's travel and expense policy ahead of booking. If speakers wish to arrange their own accommodation the RCR will reimburse you up to £145 per night towards your chosen accommodation. 

Other expenses: Travellers may make reasonable claims for subsistence supported by receipts. Claims for up to £45 per day including an evening meal may be made if staying overnight on RCR business. All claims must be supported by receipts. A claim for cash in lieu will not be accepted. Please note that other expenses, including honoraria and locum fees for backfill, are not reimbursed. 

Delegate registration

  • Speakers do not need to register to attend the conference.  As a thank you for your contribution to the event, you have free access to the whole event. It is important that you do confirm with the organiser if you wish to attend as a delegate on the day you are not speaking.
  • Delegates will be able to move between rooms on the days of the conference, however numbers will be limited for some sessions (mostly the workshop sessions) with entrance on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Speakers will also be registered on the virtual conference platform – CrowdComms. While you are participating in-person at the ICC, Birmingham, the CrowdComms platform will host the conference programme, the audience polling app, videos of the conference sessions (these will be added shortly after the conference and will be available to view for 30 days). Delegates can also contact each other using the platform chat box.

CPD allocation

  • All speakers who prepare and deliver a session at an RCR event can claim three CPD credits in line with the RCR CPD Scheme. If you stay for the remainder of the event, you can also claim CPD credits for participation.

Declaration of interests

  • All speakers must complete the declaration of interests questions included in the speaker/chair webform. If you have a conflict of interest you must include a slide at the beginning of your presentation (for which we will provide a template) and make an oral statement.

Presenting on the day

  • Further details about your participation in the RCR Annual Conference 2023 will be sent closer to the time. Please note that you will be asked to arrive at least one hour prior to your presentation for AV set up.  The full programme for the event can be found on our dedicated conference webpages.

Additional questions

Privacy notice: The personal data you provide to us in the speaker/chair webform is being collected so that we can contact you with important updates about the event; register your acceptance in relation to photography/video recording and event promotion; register your declaration of interests; organise your travel and accommodation; process your dietary and access requirements and your expense claim, book your complimentary conference place and give you access to the CrowdComms virtual conference platform. It will only be used by the RCR for these purposes. Sometimes it is necessary to share information with third parties as an essential part of being able to provide our services to you. These include sharing your dietary requirements with our caterer, sharing your name and email address with our travel and accommodation provider, sharing your name, job title, hospital/organisation, biography and photograph in our publicity material and sharing your name and email address with the virtual conference platform manager who will give you access to the platform. If you have any questions about how we process your personal data, please contact