2018 training fees

The following tables show all the mandatory fees charged by the RCR that trainees on UK specialty training programmes in clinical oncology and clinical radiology will incur.

Annual subscription fees:

With effect from 1 June 2018

Member (pre-FRCR)

£280 p.a.

Fellow (post-FRCR)

£490 p.a.

FRCR examination entry fees:

With immediate effect

Clinical radiology

2018 fee
Part 2A£340
Part 2B£474

Clinical oncology

2018 fee

Part 1 (single module)£122
Part 1 (4 modules)£488
Part 2A£340
Part 2B£485

A reduction of 50% in subscription fee is available for UK LTFT members of the College earning less than £35,000pa from medical practice.

One-off fees previously charged for entry to the Fellowship and the award of CCT have been abolished.

Further information about the breakdown of costs summarising the total RCR income and costs of training/exams is provided.

A summary explanation of the 2018 changes to fees is also available, as well as information about discounts and tax relief