Explanation of fee changes

The RCR’s examination costs are rising because of a number of factors, including necessary investment in new technology and the need for more emphasis on quality assurance to demonstrate that the exams meet required UK regulatory standards.

At the same time, we intend to eliminate the single fee that we charge successful candidates to become Fellows of the RCR after completing the final examinations. Historically this fee has always been charged and the income from it each year makes an important contribution towards covering our costs for examinations and training.

Therefore from 2018 we are making the following changes:

  • Eliminating the one-off Fellowship Fee (£492 in 2017)
  • Increasing all exam entry fees by c.17.5%
  • Giving a discount on exam entry fees to subscribing members of the RCR which reduces the fee increase to slightly below the level of inflation.
  • Increasing the annual membership subscription for pre-FRCR UK trainees.

For RCR members (eg, UK trainees) this will spread the cost over multiple years as part of membership subscriptions rather than a single fellowship payment incurred just after trainees have paid for final exams.

Non-members (that is, mainly non-UK exam candidates) will have higher exam entry fees but the same benefit as UK trainees of not having to pay a single lump sum for entry to the Fellowship.

As before, discounts and tax relief are available to UK trainees.