Making the College fit for the future

The College was established more than 40 years ago. Its formal powers and constitution originate from that time. Healthcare in the UK and beyond has changed enormously since – the expectations on the College and its Fellows and members are very different and are changing rapidly.

Recognising this, Council has set up a major review of how the College can be equipped for the future tasking a Working Party to explore six themes.

  1. Broadening the membership of the College. Ideas under consideration include offering some form of membership more widely to doctors not in specialty training, to other medical practitioners and to those in allied healthcare professions.
  2. Being explicit about the benefits of membership so the College can recruit and retain members.
  3. Awarding post nominals other than the FRCR.
  4. What should membership or Fellowship of the College mean? Is it sufficient to define 'in good standing' as being in paid-up membership?
  5. Is the College’s two-Faculty structure viable for the longer term? The current specialties are of very different sizes; should other areas of practice be recognised in the structures; what might change in the future and how can the College be best prepared for that?
  6. How can Council be enhanced to enable it better to govern the business, financial and regulatory aspects of College activities?

How and when will this happen?

The Working Party is examining these themes and will formulate proposals to test with the membership and stakeholders.

You can feed your thoughts and ideas into this process, at any time using