Making the College fit for the future

The College was established more than 40 years ago. Since then, the environment of healthcare in the UK and beyond has changed enormously. The demands on the College and its Fellows and members are very different and are changing rapidly. Recognising this, Council has set up a major review of how the College can be equipped for the future. This includes a root and branch look at its powers, the membership structure and democratic structures.

Among the issues and questions the review will address are:

  • The potential for broadening the membership of the College to those who work alongside clinical oncologists and clinical radiologists. This might include other doctors, doctors not in specialty training and those in allied healthcare professions 
  • A focus on the benefits of membership to ensure that there is clear and enduring value in College membership
  • Included within that, what should Fellowship or membership of the College in good standing mean?  What should 'bringing the College/specialty into disrepute' mean?
  • Are the current governance structures appropriate for the future including the expectations of the College as a charity?

How and when will this happen?

Council has established a working party to examine these issues and questions and report with recommendations to Council. The working party work from autumn 2018, consulting widely with the membership and others to bring proposals to the AGM in 2020.

For further information, please read the terms of reference of the working party