RCR support for your international project

Apply prospectively for teaching resources

Many clinical oncology and radiology projects overseas are being run in isolation as individual programmes, with doctors and other healthcare professionals having to write teaching and training materials, often duplicating the work already done by others. Therefore, the RCR have designed a collection of educational resources for use in clinical oncology and radiology projects overseas.

The resources have been commissioned by the Global Outreach Forum, and further developed by the Advocacy Group and Senior Fellows’ Forum. However, there is always more to be done and if you would like to be involved in building the RCR’s teaching resources, or would like to donate a lecture, please email us at global@rcr.ac.uk

If you would like to apply for relevant lectures, tutorials and structured teaching programmes, please fill in this form. All teaching materials will only be available to RCR Fellows and members who are involved in the overseas projects approved by RCR.

RCR support for LMIC projects

If you are planning a clinical oncology or radiology project in a low-to-middle income country, you can apply for RCR support. This was established after listening to past overseas volunteers, who advised that endorsement from official bodies (such as the RCR) often strengthens applications for funding. Though the RCR cannot provide funding for every project undertaken, we want to encourage as many progressive and sustainable ventures as possible. To facilitate this, the RCR will support suitable projects.

RCR endorsement is awarded on a case-by-case basis and takes the form of an official letter. If you would like to apply for official endorsement, please fill in this form. Your application will be considered by the Global Outreach Forum. If you have any questions, please email global@rcr.ac.uk

Please note the educational resources have been developed by individual members and are not ratified by the RCR.