FAQs RCR International Travelling Fellowship

Frequently asked questions

Please consult this page for answers to the general queries you might have regarding the application to the RCR International Travelling Fellowship Award.

  1. The nature of the RCR International Travelling Fellowship Award
  2. Eligibility criteria
  3. What constitutes membership in good standing?
  4. Deadline for applications
  5. The value of the International Travelling Fellowship
  6. If you have been awarded the Cochrane Shanks Jalil Travelling Fellowship or the Sir Middlemiss Travelling Fellowship in the past
  7. Whether you can fund an ongoing project
  8. When does the Fellowship start and how long should each trip be?
  9. What is expected of prospective applicants?
  10. The application format for teams
  11. Whether you require the support of a referee to apply
  12. How to submit the reference letters 
  13. How to submit the application
  14. Who will be assessing the application?
  15. How to have the best chance of being successful 
  16. How and when you will be notified on the status of your application 

What is the RCR International Travelling Fellowship award?
The RCR International Travelling Fellowship is a new award formed from the combination of the funds from the Cochrane Shanks Jalil Travelling Fellowship and the Sir Middlemiss Travelling Fellowship. The award is looked after by the RCR’s Global Outreach Forum, which co-ordinates global philanthropic activity across the College across both faculties. The RCR International Travelling Fellowship can only be awarded to one team from each faculty, consisting of a consultant and a trainee. Each award will consist of two visits over the course of two years to ensure maximum benefit to the country in question. Find out more about the award

Who is eligible to apply?
Applications are open to Fellows and members of the RCR who are in good standing with the College. The award has two streams – one for clinical oncology and one for clinical radiology. The International Travelling Fellowship will be awarded to one team from each faculty, consisting of a consultant and a trainee. Fellows must hold a consultant post in the UK within the NHS and trainees must be in a UK approved training scheme. For trainees, application should be made before CCT, even if CCT will be achieved during the period of the award.     

How do I verify whether I am a 'member in good standing'?
If you are receiving regular electronic and print communication from the College, you are likely to be in good standing. If you are unsure of your membership status please contact our Membership Operations Team at membership@rcr.ac.uk 

When is the deadline?
Applications for the 2023-25 round will open on 5 December 2022 and will close at midday on 2 March 2023.

What is value of the International Travelling Fellowship? 
The RCR International Travelling Fellowship will provide each team from each stream (CO and CR) with £11,000. Each team will receive £5,500 for each visit. This is to ensure the maximum benefit to the country in question over the course of two years. 

I was awarded the Cochrane Shanks Jalil Travelling Fellowship or the Sir Middlemiss Travelling Fellowship in the past. Can I apply again by collaborating with the same institution/ hospital? 
Yes. You can still apply and your application will not be marked down. We understand that building and maintaining a sustainable relation with partners in middle and income countries develops over time.

Can I apply for the RCR International Travelling Fellowship even if I have already begun the project before the deadline? 
That depends on a variety of things. Ideally we would like this award to represent an opportunity to develop a new project with an institution(s)/hospital(s) that you have either approached/worked with in the past or that would represent an opportunity for a new partnership. If you would like to fund an ongoing project that meets the application criteria, we recommend you email us first at global@rcr.ac.uk for more information. 

When should the Fellowship start and how long should each trip be? 
The first visit should ideally occur within 12 months from when you are successfully awarded the International Travelling Fellowship and the second visit should take place within two years of that. Timing of disbursement of money awarded is determined by the start date of the Fellowship and the College’s fiscal year.

The aim of the Travelling Fellowship is to provide teaching and support to a low and middle income country in clinical radiology and clinical oncology, in order to develop a sustainable impact to the host institution(s)/hospital(s). Given this, there aren’t any specific requirements for the duration of each trip, however, the Global Outreach Forum suggests that ideally it would be a minimum of seven days per visit. 

What is expected of me during and after the International Travelling Fellowship?
You are expected to undertake two visits to a low and middle income country throughout a period of two years. After the first trip has been completed and again at the end of your travel, you are expected to submit a short structured report accompanied by photos and/or short videos to global@rcr.ac.uk within eight weeks of travel. A lecture for the RCR website must also be submitted within 12 weeks of the final visit and promotion of the award among peers is also expected of successful applicants.

Do I need two applications for me and my co-worker?
No. We require one completed application per team, including all the supporting documentation – one CV and two reference letters per applicant, along with one confirmation letter from the host institution(s)/hospital(s).

Do I need the support of the referee to apply?
Whether you are applying as a trainee or a consultant, we ask that you attach along with your application a reference letter from your mentor/manager. 

Can my supervisor send you his/her letter directly?
No, the application letter and all supporting documents must be emailed together, either as one document or as separate attachments.

How do I submit my application?
Please email your completed application to the Global Outreach Forum administrator at global@rcr.ac.uk. All applications must contain:

  • A completed application form
  • Two references for each applicant from Fellows in clinical practice
  • A short CV per applicant (maximum of four A4 pages), including university details
  • Confirmation from the host institution(s)/hospital that your visit has been approved

 Applications that are incomplete will not be accepted.

Who will be assessing my application?
Your application will be assessed by a panel group made up of clinical practitioners from both specialties with a breadth of experience and knowledge in teaching and working in low and middle income countries. The final decision will be made by the Global Outreach Foum.

How should I fill in the application form so that I have the best chance of being successful?
The panellists will be looking for application forms that meet the entry and application criteria for the award. It is important to make sure that your application closely follows the criteria and gives specific details on how each point will be met: 

  • Relevance to career development in radiology or oncology
  • Benefit to host institution/hospital
  • Value to the NHS
  • Value to personal development
  • Planning and presentation
  • References

Applications should also be easy to read with good grammar and free from spelling errors.

How will I know if I have been selected to receive the award?
Applicants who have been successful will be emailed to notify them. We will also email all unsuccessful applicants.

For more information
Please contact global@rcr.ac.uk for any other questions.