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Interventional Radiology – Essential pearls for the General Radiologist

November - December 2021

This is a unique series of webinars on interventional radiology (IR), but for the general radiologist! General radiology consultants play a very vital role in identifying abnormalities that require interventional radiological procedures. They also play an important role in preprocedure and postprocedure imaging of patients who have undergone interventional procedures.

This is a series of educational webinars to equip the general radiologist as well as the trainee radiologists with the knowledge that will help them image and report the peri-intervention imaging studies with confidence. Technical aspects of interventional procedures will not be taught in depth as one would for a IR trainee, however key points of the procedure that will help understand the principles and steps of the procedure will be explained, with more emphasis on aspects that have relevance to periprocedural investigation findings.

With thanks to the Indian Society of Vascular and Interventional Radiology 

This series included sessions on:

Session 1 - Locoregional treatment of primary and secondary liver cancer - available to view on the RCR e-learning hub.

Session 2 - Management of Portal Hypertension 

Session 3 - Management of GI Bleed

Session 4 - Vascular access for Haemodialysis

Session 5 - Imaging related to other contemporary embolisation procedures 

Session 6 - Imaging of Peripheral arterial disease

Recordings of all of these sessions can be watched for free on the RCR Learning hub.

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Previous topics are free to watch on demand on the RCR Learning hub