Educational resources

Currently, many oncology and radiology projects overseas are being run in isolation as individual programmes. Involved doctors and other healthcare professionals have to write and design the teaching and training material, often duplicating the work already done by others.



This section of the website includes the lectures, tutorials and structured teaching programmes that Fellows have designed and are happy to share. We hope over the next few months to expand this section and build comprehensive teaching resources.

If you like to be involved in building the College teaching resources or would like to donate a lecture - please email us at

All teaching materials will only be available to RCR Fellows and members who are involved in the overseas projects approved by RCR.

Initially, we are not going to upload any training material on the website and individual authors will be contacted for their permission in every case when their training material is requested. This will be done by the member of the overseas team.

Please note the educational resources have been developed by individual members and are not ratified by the RCR.