Contribute to the RCR's global efforts

As well as placements overseas, significant contributions can be made to global radiology and oncology without leaving the UK.

Advocacy Group

Working remotely across the world, the Advocacy Group provide important long-distance support to the RCR’s international humanitarian work. Members of the advocacy group contribute to the RCR’s global efforts by writing articles for the newsletter and website, publicising new and ongoing projects, and researching opportunities to sustainably advance clinical radiology and clinical oncology services overseas. The group also create teaching resources with the support of the International Committee. These teaching resources have been developed to support Fellows working and volunteering in low- to middle-income countries. Access to these resources can be applied for using this form.

International Committee

The International Committee is a cross-faculty group focused on encouraging, assisting and developing overseas projects and support. The committee meets several times a year to discuss the International Fellowship, endorsed projects and other issues relating to global healthcare.

International Committee members are experienced philanthropic volunteers with a keen interest in the RCR’s global efforts overseas. They also give time to maintain website resources, and network with others to expand the cohort of volunteers within the RCR’s membership.

If you are interested in joining the committee, take a look below to find any upcoming vacancies. Candidates are chosen by three members of the committee and successful candidates will remain in post for a minimum of 12 months and up to three years.