Honours for contributions to clinical radiology and clinical oncology

The RCR awards honours to Fellows and individuals who are not Fellows or members in recognition of contributions made to the work of the College and the two specialties. 

Gold Medal

The Gold Medal is the honour awarded to an esteemed Fellow of the College who has made a significant contribution in their field whether in the UK or overseas.

Honorary Fellowship

Honorary Fellowship is the most prestigious award to be available to a non-Fellow of the College. It is awarded to those who have made exceptional contributions to, or promoted the interests of, clinical oncology or clinical radiology including at an international level.

Honorary membership 

Any Fellow of the RCR may put forward nominations for the award of Honorary Membership. The award is intended for those who have made a significant contribution to either specialty in the UK through a direct link with RCR activities or RCR projects.

Exceptional Contribution Award

The Exceptional Contribution Award is a new award designed to recognise exceptional service of Fellows or members to their College, in fields such as examining, editing, guideline production, audit or quality improvement. The contribution would be expected to be over a considerable period of time. Any Fellow or member in good standing may nominate a colleague; self-nominations are not acceptable.

Nominations for consideration by Council in 2022 have now closed.

Please send all queries to honours@rcr.ac.uk