Eponymous lectures 

There are a number of eponymous lectures delivered every year on subjects of interest to both clinical oncologists and clinical radiologists.

Crookshank Lecture 

Endowed in 1955 by the late Right Honourable Viscount Crookshank CH, in memory of his mother. The Lecturer is appointed annually by the President and is asked to chose a subject of interest to radiologists. Currently, the Lecture is given at the Spring Admission Ceremony. The Lecturer receives a medal. A list of past Lecturers is available.  

David Skeggs Lecture

This lecture, first given in 2003, is delivered at the College's Autumn Admission Ceremony on a subject of interest to College Fellows. Dr David Skeggs, formerly of the Royal Free Hospital, died in December 2010.

Originally endowed on annual basis for up to 20 years, we will continue to run the David Skeggs lecture for the foreseeable future. A list of past Lecturers is available.

Frank Ellis Lecture

The lecture was initially presented at the RCR Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting in 2005 to celebrate the 100th birthday of Dr Frank Ellis in October that year. Following Dr Ellis‘s death, the lecture was created in 2007 to be delivered jointly with the British Institute of Radiology and usually at the UK Radiation Oncology Congress (UKRO). The Frank Ellis Lecture was delivered for the final time at UKRO in 2015. A complete list of lecturers is available. 

George Edelstyn Memorial Lecture

Endowed in 1981 in memory of the late Dr George Edelstyn by subscriptions from friends and colleagues. Until 2012, it was given at the UKRO meeting. The Lecturer is appointed following consultation by Officers of the Faculty of Clinical Oncology and receives a medal. A list of past Lecturers is available.  

The Professor Sir Howard Middlemiss Lecture

This Lecture is given bi-ennially at the RCR ASM to honour Professor Sir Howard Middlemiss. The inaugural lecture was delivered in 2012. A list of past Lecturers is available.