Virtual regional visits

The RCR's Clinical Oncology (CO) Officers have been undertaking a series of regional visits across the UK since 2013, covering both the clinical senate areas in England and the devolved nations. They have been hugely successful and allow you the opportunity to find out more about the work of the RCR and to discuss any issues that you might be facing on the front line. With COVID-19 ever present and preventing face-to-face opportunities to come together, the RCR has now decided to introduce joint virtual regional visits.

The regional visits provide an important opportunity for the RCR Officers to meet colleagues across the UK and overseas. They are an opportunity for the RCR to come to you and provide a forum for discussion about the work of the College and – more importantly – about the challenges you are facing in clinical practice and any areas of concern for your specialty.

These visits form part of the RCR’s strategy for wider engagement with its Fellows and members.

The visits will run until July 2021. Each UK region will have a visit and there will also be overseas visits for our colleagues globally.

Attendance is open to Fellows and members from both Faculties within each region. Meetings will be recorded.

Dates and locations for 2021

  • Thursday 11 March, 17.30–19.00 – Yorks and the Humber
  • Friday 19 March, 8.00–9.15 – Wales
  • Thursday 25 March, 19.00–20.30 – East Midlands

More dates will be added for East of England, Northern Ireland, North East and London.

The programme will be:

  • An introduction by the President
  • Breakout sessions for each Faculty led by the Vice-Presidents - this will include an update on Faculty-specific issues as well as offer you an opportunity to ask questions on Faculty-related issues
  • An overview of RCR's strategic priorities and their progress - led by the President
  • Open Q&A

"It was wonderful to hear about the work done by the College. Sometimes one feels quite dissociated but such events help to cultivate the integration with the College and its activities."

Register your interest

You can submit your questions in advance. If you are unable to attend, please do send any questions or issues that you would like covered.

Dr Jeanette Dickson presenting to the Southampton regional visit group
Dr Jeanette Dickson, Southampton regional visit