Elected members of the Specialty Training Boards

Shape training for the future generation and engage in key areas such as the curriculum, recruitment, examinations, training standards, quality assurance and, more recently, the impact of COVID-19 on training.

If you are interested and involved in training, assessment and education, this could be the role for you. It is a vital role at an exciting time in medical education, with new curricula being developed, changes to examinations and new ways of recognising distinct areas of practice.

What's involved?

The Specialty Training Board sets the standards and processes for entry to, content of and assessment in training for the specialty up to and including recommendations for the award of a Certificate of Completion of Training:

  1. setting the criteria and process for entry into the specialty through national recruitment;
  2. agreeing the structure and content of the training curricula and assessment systems including the FRCR examinations;
  3. overseeing the Faculty’s work to engage with undergraduates and promote the specialty as an attractive career choice; and
  4. setting the standards and process for related activities such as the development of credentials.

The Board is responsible for implementing any changes to training and examination policy and plays an important role in ensuring that the value of the College to trainees. The terms of reference of the Clinical Oncology Specialty Training Board and the Clinical Radiology Specialty Training Board set this out in more detail.

Members will be expected to contribute to the practical work of the Board, either through co-opted committee membership or through short-term projects/working groups. Most short-term work is done remotely by email. 

Who’s eligible to stand?

This is an elected position lasting three years. To put your name forward, you need to be:

  • a Fellow of the RCR (no minimum period as a Fellow is required)
  • resident in the United Kingdom
  • on the roll of the Faculty
  • in active clinical practice, with a current licence to practise with the GMC
  • able to free the time needed from your clinical practice to undertake the work.

You will need to have the support of two other Fellows in your Faculty as your nominators. Find out more about standing for election

What’s the commitment?

This is a three-year role, and the main responsibilities are to attend three Specialty Training Board meetings each year each lasting between two and three hours. The RCR has adapted to remote meetings this year, and these are likely to continue going forward. We intend to hold one face-to-face meeting, per year, where possible.

You will need to allow time to read papers in advance and potentially resolve issues by remote discussion between meetings. There may also be an opportunity to get involved in a short-term working party or project group, reporting to the Board, from time to time.

The term of office for 2021–24 starts on 1 September 2021.


All board and committee members are bound by the Code of Conduct and are expected to demonstrate adherence to the College values. All board and committee members will be required to declare any conflicts at the beginning of every meeting in accordance with the conflicts of interest policy.

If you have any questions about the process for the Faculty elections 2021, please contact