Elected Council members

If you are interested in how your professional body is governed, how it uses its resources and how it is preparing for the future, this could be the role for you.

The task can be challenging – balancing the value and benefit offered to the membership and how the RCR demonstrates its public benefit as a charity. This can bring a different perspective to your professional life and add value to what you do as a leader in your healthcare organisation.

What’s involved?

Council is the body that looks after the RCR as an organisation by:

  1. ensuring the RCR is governed effectively
  2. ensuring the RCR fulfils its duties and responsibilities as a registered charity
  3. setting the strategy and approving the annual budget.

Council is responsible for both of the RCR’s specialties of clinical oncology and clinical radiology and works across the RCR as a whole rather than on a specialty or Faculty basis.

An essential part of the RCR

Trustees are expected to play a full part in the leadership and governance of the RCR, working within the prevailing strategic priorities and shorter-term objectives as agreed from time to time. Council agrees the overall direction of the RCR through the Strategy set for three years and provides oversight and monitoring of the RCR’s performance. It also approves the budget and identifies major issues that could affect the RCR through the risk management process. It’s a very important role with major responsibilities: Council acts as the charity’s trustee board and carries legal, financial and general management responsibilities for the RCR. Council, as a whole, and as individual trustees take collective responsibility for its decisions.

Who’s eligible to stand?

This is an elected position lasting three years. To put your name forward, you need to be:

  • a Fellow of the RCR (no minimum period as a Fellow is required)
  • resident in the United Kingdom
  • on the roll of the Faculty
  • in active clinical practice, with a current licence to practise with the GMC
  • able to free the time needed from your clinical practice to undertake the work.

You will need to have the support of two other Fellows in your Faculty as your nominators. Find out more about standing for election

What’s the commitment?

This is a three-year role and the main responsibilities are to attend three Council meetings each year which include workshop sessions and briefings from external speakers. The RCR has adapted to remote meetings this year, and these are likely to continue going forward. We intend to hold one face to face meeting, per year, where possible. You will need to allow time to read papers in advance and potentially resolve issues between meetings. Some Council members are asked to serve on the Finance and Investment Committee, the Honours Committee or on working parties established from time to time.


Council members are bound by the Code of ConductCompact and are expected to demonstrate adherence to the College values. As a Trustee, you will be required to complete and update an entry in the register of interests which is published on the RCR’s website. See the terms of reference for Council

If you have any questions about the process for the Faculty elections 2021, please contact