RCR Clinical Fellows

The RCR occasionally has opportunities for members and Fellows to take up a project or activity as an RCR Clinical FellowSuch opportunities will be advertised here when available. The primary purpose of these posts is to:

  • offer an engaging and worthwhile developmental project activity outside of training or clinical practice
  • contribute to the work of the College
  • produce an outcome of benefit to other members or Fellows and/or patients.

Most of these opportunities are not funded and will be voluntary (expenses will be paid where applicable); they will vary in duration and are relevant to clinical oncologists or clinical radiologists or both. RCR Clinical Fellows will work with a College Officer or other lead Fellow and one or more members of College staff who together will brief the RCR Clinical Fellow, provide guidance and offer feedback. The resulting work will be owned by the RCR but the RCR Clinical Fellow will be acknowledged and may quote from or use extracts from the outcome within conditions set by the RCR.

Current vacancies 

RCR Clinical Fellow: PgCert module - clinical oncology

Applications are open until Tuesday 1 June 2021
The RCR launched its Postgraduate Certificate (PgCert) module in clinical oncology in conjunction with the University of Dundee in 2016.  The module is taken by oncology participants in the university’s distance learning PgCert in Medical Education which can be taken as the first year of a PgDip or Masters programme. There is a need for a Clinical Fellow to support the original author of the module to undertake the review.

RCR Clinical Fellows projects

A summary of current and recently completed projects undertaken by RCR Clinical Fellows is shown below. 

National radiotherapy consent forms - Dr Emma Kenney-Herbert

Dr Kenney-Herbert is working with the RCR on a project to design national site-specific consent forms for radiotherapy. Find out more

Curriculum re-write project for Clinical Radiology - Dr Samantha Fossey (Clinical Radiologist, Brighton)

Dr Fossey worked with the Curriculum Committee on a major re-write of the clinical radiology and interventional radiology curricula to address new GMC requirements and current trends on curriculum design.

Curriculum re-write project for Clinical Oncology - Dr Nida Pasha (Clinical Oncologist, London)

Dr Pasha has been working with the Curriculum Committee on a major re-write of the clinical oncology curriculum to address new GMC requirements and current trends on curriculum design.  This position was previously held by Dr Tharmalingham until September 2019.

PGCE in Medical Education for Clinical Radiology - Dr Faye Cuthbert (Clinical Radiologist, Brighton)

Launched in November 2015 the first postgraduate certificate in medical education for radiology was created by Dr Cuthbert working with the College's Educational Adviser and the team from Dundee University. Further details are available.

PGCE in Medical Education for Clinical Oncology - Dr Sarah Needleman (Clinical Oncologist, London)

The first postgraduate certificate in medical education for oncology was created by Dr Needleman working with the College's Educational Adviser and the team from Dundee University. Further details are available.

Radiology e-learning for Clinical Oncology trainees - Dr Nuradh Joseph (Clinical Oncologist, Manchester/Sri Lanka)

Dr Joseph worked with the Chair of the Clinical Oncology Curriculum Committee and the Directorate of Specialty Training, as well as local consultant clinical oncologists and clinical radiologists to develop the first in what is intended to become a suite of modules on imaging as it relates to clinical oncology training and practice. Further details about the project are available and the first module which focuses on imaging for prostate cancer is available to download from the same page.

Molecular imaging resources for Clinical Radiology training - Dr Michael Kay (Clinical Radiologist, Southampton) and Dr Iosif Mendichovsky (Clinical Radiologist, Cambridge)

Dr Kay and Dr Mendichovsky worked with the Medical Director for Education and Training, Clinical Radiology, and the Directorate of Specialty Training to gather, collate and signpost a wide range of resources to support trainees in their training for both the core curriculum content on the scientific basis of imaging and higher level content for those wishing to specialise in molecular imaging. More information and the resources are available here.