Standing Scottish Committee member role description

The Standing Scottish Committee represents the RCR in Scotland, ensuring that appropriate College matters are communicated to and discussed with clinical radiologists and clinical oncologists practising in Scotland.

Each elected member has the responsibility of ensuring that the views and concerns of the clinical oncologists or clinical radiologists in their constituency are relayed to the Standing Scottish Committee, which in turn will feed back to the RCR through the Clinical Oncology and Clinical Radiology Faculty Boards.


To be elected as a member of the Standing Scottish Committee you must:

  • be an RCR Fellow or member in good standing
  • hold a current licence to practise in the UK
  • be practising in Scotland  
  • have the majority of your sessions within the relevant region. 

Term of office and time commitment

Each elected member will serve a term of four years. An elected member retiring from the Standing Scottish Committee will not be eligible for re-election until a period of one year has elapsed. The Standing Scottish Committee meets in Scotland three times annually, generally in January, June and September.

Election process

Elections will be run by electronic ballot centrally through the RCR. Eligible Fellows and members will:

  • Be nominated and seconded by Fellows in good standing of their own Faculty practising primarily within their region 
  • Provide written consent of their willingness to stand
  • Be elected by ballot of Fellows and members practising primarily in that region

Submit a nomination

If you have any questions about the elections process, please contact