CO Professional Learning and Development Committee Vacancies

Lead for Clinical Oncology Professional Learning and Development

What’s involved?

The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) Faculty of Clinical Oncology (CO) wishes to appoint a Lead for the on-going development and delivery of the large and varied portfolio of clinical oncology learning and development opportunities offered by the Faculty. The Lead will chair the Clinical Oncology Professional Learning and Development (COPLD) Committee.

The Clinical Oncology PLD Lead is required to:

  • Work closely with staff in the Professional Learning and Development function of the RCR, who organise, plan and develop events and resources in accordance with the requirements of the faculty PLD Committees.
  • Work closely with the Clinical Radiology Professional Learning and Development Lead to develop and deliver the annual three day conference and other cross-Faculty events and resources as well as ensuring standardisation of style and approach where appropriate.
  • Suggest appropriate speakers for learning events and contributors to on-line learning resources.
  • Engage all members of the Committee in the work being undertaken, maximising the value obtained from the members’ time and ensuring that all of the areas for which the Committee is responsible receive the attention required.
  • Chair all meetings of the CO PLD Committee, ensuring that the Terms of Reference are observed. Review the work of the Committee at least once during his or her term of office and make any recommendations to Clinical Oncology Officers.
  • Ensure that links and liaison are established with other relevant RCR bodies and with relevant NHS, HEE and other bodies in the four UK countries, promoting collaborations and joint working wherever possible.

Read more on the Clinical Oncology PLD Committee terms of reference.

Who is on the Committee?

The Committee comprises a maximum of 16 members:

  • Professional Learning and Development Lead for the CO Faculty, as Chair.
  • Vice-President, Clinical Oncology.
  • RCR President.
  • Oncology Registrar’s Forum representative.
  • Up to ten other members appointed to represent areas of practice or geographical region (including overseas) or other specific relevant need among the membership.
  • Up to four other members may be co-opted in order to fill areas of practice or geographical representation or other specific relevant need among the membership.

Is this the role for you?

If you are a skilled Clinical Oncologist educator with experience of on-line learning resources and face to face educational events and are enthusiastic about the prospect of developing high quality learning opportunities for College Fellows and members, then this could be the role for you. A teaching qualification such as a PGCE or MMEd would be advantageous.You should also have experience of chairing committees.

What’s the commitment?

The Lead will usually serve for a term of three years renewable for a further term of up to two years if required for continuity of work or to facilitate a rolling renewal of membership.(A Committee member who is appointed as Lead will not have any period of service as member of the Committee counted against his or her term of office as Lead.)

There will normally be three meetings of the Committee per year in the spring, summer and autumn, usually at the RCR in London.

There will also be a time commitment involved in contributing to the development and approval of learning opportunities and products between Committee meetings as well as liaising with relevant clinical colleagues and staff.

The Lead might also be invited to other appropriate meetings within the RCR to report on CO PLD matters. Attendance at such meetings will be discussed and agreed with the CO Vice President but attendance by audio- or video-conference would be supported, particularly for those with long distances to travel.

Who’s eligible to apply?

To apply for the role of Lead for Clinical Oncology Professional Learning and Development, you need to be a Fellow of the College in good standing, in active clinical practice and currently licensed to practise in the UK.

Applicants will be invited to complete an equality and diversity monitoring form.

Other information

  • The role is voluntary.
  • Travel expenses will be met in accordance with the College’s Travel and expenses policy .  For anyone attending meetings from outside of the UK, travel will only be reimbursed from the point of entry into the UK.
  • The successful applicant will need to make such arrangements as are necessary to free time for committee business from their clinical, managerial, academic or other voluntary work.  Most meetings are held on Thursdays or Fridays.
  • All applicants will be required to declare any conflicts of interest.
  • The Lead will be expected to abide by the General Data Protection Regulation and the College’s data protection and data security policies as in force from time to time.
  • The Lead will from time to time be provided with documents at various stages of development prior to their formal approval and publication, which are to be kept confidential.  The Lead will not disclose any confidential information to an outside person or organisation.
  • The Lead may not speak for or on behalf of the College unless authorised in advance to do so. 
  • The RCR will hold the intellectual property and copyright of any documents or publications produced by the individual in their capacity as the Faculty’s PLD Lead. The Lead will be required to assign these rights to the RCR.

How to apply

Please send your CV and a covering letter to the Vice President, Faculty of Clinical Oncology c/o

The deadline for applications is 12 noon on Monday 1 April 2019.

Interviews will be held at the College on Friday 3 May 2019.

The successful candidate would be invited to attend the PLD Committee meeting on Thursday 27 June at the RCR in London and would take over the chair at the November 2019 meeting.

Members of the Professional Learning and Development Committee (CO PLD)

The Faculty of Clinical Oncology invites applications for members of the Professional Learning and Development Committee (CO PLD).

Whilst all applications will be considered, the Committee is specifically seeking a member with an interest in gynaecological cancer.

Main activities of the CO PLD Committee:

  1. To be responsible on behalf of the Professional Learning and Development (PLD) Committee for planning and overseeing the portfolio of professional learning and development offered by the Faculty of Clinical Oncology (CO), in accordance with the strategic framework set by the CO Faculty Board and the PLD Committee
  2. To work with the Clinical Radiology (CR) PLD Committee to develop programmes for joint CO-CR events and sessions.
  3. To identify and collaborate with partner organisations to develop joint products when appropriate.

Current committee membership and terms of reference can be viewed online.

Committee members, once appointed, serve three years on the committee, which meets three times a year.  

The following would be helpful attributes:

  • An interest in professional learning and development
  • Ideas and enthusiasm for a wide range of general, specialist and sub-specialist education topics
  • Good contacts, networks and knowledge of a wide range of speakers
  • An interest in e-learning technology and social media.

For further information, please contact Di Gilson, Chair of CO PLD

Interested applicants should apply by email, including a copy of their CV and a short covering letter outlining any relevant experience and why they wish to join the Committee, for the attention of the Vice-President of the Faculty of Oncology. Please note that applications must be an RCR Fellow or member in good standing.