Clinical Oncology Professional Support and Standards Board Co-opted Member Vacancy

Deadline for applications: Friday 16 June 2017

The Clinical Oncology Professional Support and Standards Board (PSSB) oversees all Faculty activities following the award of a Certificate of Completion of Training and advises the Board of the Faculty of Clinical Oncology on matters of the practice of Clinical Oncology in the UK. It is responsible for a range of issues including guidelines/standards on clinical and professional practice, research, audit, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and revalidation.

Role Description & Eligibility 
The Faculty of Clinical Oncology is seeking to co-opt a member of the PSSB who will assist with all aspects of the Board’s work. Applicants must be Fellows of the Faculty Clinical Oncology in good standing, resident in the UK and in active clinical NHS practice.

Desirable skills and experience include: 

  • knowledge and understanding of current issues and developments facing clinical oncologists
  • experience and/or an interest in developing guidance and standards (or their equivalent), to inform and improve practice
  • the ability to develop and build effective professional relationships; liaise with other stakeholders and network with other interested individuals

Full details can be found in the role description. Should you wish to discuss the role further before applying, please email Dr David Bloomfield Medical Director, Professional Practice, Clinical Oncology (and Chair of the PSSB) via the Clinical Oncology Executive Officer

Time commitment 
The term of the post will be 3 years, commencing from September 2017. The PSSB meets three times a year, at the RCR. Please check with your Trust that you will be able to attend these meetings before you apply. The College will send a letter of support to your Trust if necessary.  
Please note the next CO PSSB meeting is on 6 October 2017. If you are applying for the above position, please reserve this date in your diary.

Application process
If you are interested in applying, please submit:

  • a short CV, and
  • a brief statement describing your skills and experience in relation to this role

All applications should be emailed to the Clinical Oncology Executive Officer, Sarah Griffin by Friday 16 June 2017.