Clinical Oncology Deputy Recruitment Clinical Lead

Closing date: Monday 13 August

Applications are invited for the new role of Clinical Oncology Deputy Recruitment Clinical Lead.

A vital role

The recruitment of junior doctors into clinical oncology training posts is a UK-wide process with applicants applying through a national online application system and being interviewed in London over two days in the spring and one day in the autumn. Although the process itself is delivered by Health Education England's London and South East office it is led by a consultant clinical oncologist in the role of Recruitment Clinical Lead who is in turn supported by a small steering group and the College.

As well as overseeing and advising on the recruitment process as a whole, the majority of the Clinical Lead's responsibilities sit within the interview days themselves. This involves monitoring the operation of the interviews,ensuring quality assurances procedures are adhered to and resolving queries or issues concerning applicants. These may include questions of eligibility, probity issues or divergences in scoring between interviewers. It is in this area that the new role of Deputy Recruitment Clinical Lead will be most active, supporting the Clinical Lead in making sometimes difficult decisions, and sharing the workload on what can be a busy, but very interesting, couple of days.

Read the role description for full details of what the role entails.

Is this the role for you?

Applicants must have current or recent experience of interviewing in the national recruitment process and should be active in the delivery of clinical oncology training. You should also be able to demonstrate strong leadership skills and the ability to work collaboratively with others. If this sounds like you we would like to hear from you.

What's the commitment?

As Deputy Recruitment Clinical Lead you would be expected to be present on all interview days, two of which occur in the spring (usually March or April) and one in the autumn (usually September). Please note that the next interviews are taking place on Friday 28 September. In addition to these three days you would also become a member of the Recruitment Steering Group which meets once or twice a year for a couple of hours each time. Attendance at these can be remote if necessary. There may also be occasions when you are required to attend a meeting of the Specialty Training Board in place of the Clinical Lead but this is unlikely to be more than once a year. All other responsibilities can be carried out remotely.

Who is eligible to stand?

You must be a Fellow of the College, resident in the United Kingdom who is in active clinical practice and holds a current licence to practise.

How to apply

To apply please send a short CV and covering letter by email to the Training Policy and Projects Manager. The letter should outline how you meet the requirements of the role description and what you think you can bring to the role. Applications must be submitted no later than Monday 13 August. Applications will be assessed by the Clinical Lead and the Medical Director for Education and Training. 

If you would like to discuss what the role would entail prior to applying please email Anna Campbell or call 020 7406 5923.