R-ITI Module Editor Vacancies

R-ITI, the dedicated e-learning programme for trainee radiologists, requires a number of new module editors. The programme, originally launched in 2007, is going through a thorough review and editing process to ensure all the content remains as up to date and relevant as possible. 

Module Editors are required to oversee the editing of sessions within their module and to ensure consistency across the module as a whole. A full job description is available but some of the key responsibilities are as follows:

  1. To oversee the reviewing of e-learning sessions within your module
  2. To review e-learning sessions for accuracy and relevance to core radiology training, providing replacement text and/or images as appropriate
  3. To ensure delivery of assessment questions (as appropriate) to evaluate the outcomes of the learning and ensure the assessment is at the appropriate level for junior trainees.
  4. To approve and sign off sessions that have been edited by e-LfH staff
  5. To ensure the overall module meets the learning objectives defined in the Curriculum
  6. To ensure that agreed timescales are met and that the e-LfH Project Manager is informed of any potential problems that might delay delivery of content such that additional support can be provided

Dr Jo Balmer, an existing Module Editor, had this to say about the role:

The opportunity to be involved in this project is quite simply brilliant as it has allowed me to be directly involved with improving the teaching resources for up and coming radiologists; to review and expand my own knowledge; learn new techniques in particular with regard to the demands of publishing and editing and the need to present things well and consistently.

It has definitely been an eye opener for me and I have not only relished this opportunity but continue to enjoy being able to support this really exciting developement in training. I would recommend taking the opportunity to get involved - you can do as many or as few as you want and the support given is second to none - you are never left wavering at all

Modules requiring new Editors

  • Module 1c: Vascular and Interventional

  • Module 2: Musculoskeletal and Trauma

  • Module 6a: Head and Neck

If you are interested in leading the work on any of these modules please send your CV to RCRLearning@rcr.ac.uk