New Clinical Oncology Undergraduate Steering Group

Undergraduate lead and steering group members (consultants and trainees) required

Deadline for application: Friday 16 June

Cancer affects 1 in 3 people at some time during their life and this means that virtually all doctors will come into contact with patients who have or have had cancer. Despite this many medical students currently have little exposure to the specialty of clinical oncology during their undergraduate years. This often continues through foundation training, and junior doctors are less likely to apply for specialty training in an area they are unfamiliar with.

The College is working to raise awareness of the specialty at all levels but is particularly keen to make an impact at the earliest stages. We are therefore establishing a small Clinical Oncology Undergraduate Steering Group with four main aims:

  1. To raise awareness of the specialty at undergraduate level.
  2. To encourage the use of the already published undergraduate non-surgical oncology curriculum and to develop a bank of oncology teaching resources for medical students.
  3. To investigate ways of developing links between the College and medical schools, and between the College and undergraduates.
  4. To consider and implement activities such as an “undergraduate oncology day” that the College could undertake as a way of achieving the first three aims.

For full details see the terms of reference.

Membership and eligibility

To form this new group we are seeking a number of clinical oncology consultants, one of whom will be required to take the role of Undergraduate Lead and to chair the group, and a couple of clinical oncology trainees.

You need to be actively involved in undergraduate education, keen to increase awareness of, and exposure to, the specialty among medical students and in a position to contribute to the group’s work. See the role description for more details.

Time commitment

It is envisaged that most of the group’s work will be done remotely and members will need to commit to working on specific projects as required. Meetings are likely to take place a couple of times a year but can be joined remotely by teleconference or video conference. The first meeting of the group will held in mid-September.

How to apply

To apply please submit a brief CV including details of any additional educational qualifications you have (e.g. PCGE) and a short statement including the following:

  • Current involvement in and contribution to undergraduate education;
  • How you think you can best contribute to the aims of the group; and
  • If you are consultant, an indication of whether you would be interested in taking leadership of the group and, if so, what you think you could bring to that role.

Send your applications to by Friday 16 June at the latest.

Assessment process

Applications will be assessed against the above criteria and appointments will be made by the Medical Director, Education and Training and the Vice-President of the Faculty.


Any queries should be sent to