Clinical oncology innovation in AI, machine learning and digital health technology

Calling all visionary clinical oncologists with a strong desire to challenge the status quo and to embrace change for the better.

The digital age is upon us and there is now huge opportunity for growth and innovation within the specialty with respect to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and the broader digital health technology agenda. All will play an increasingly important role in the delivery of high-quality patient care in the future

In the Faculty of Clinical Oncology we are looking to mobilise a talented team of five to six exceptional individuals to guide our thinking and lead our strategy with respect to this agenda.

As a group you will be emboldened and supported to self-mobilise and determine where and how the RCR will have the biggest impact in this arena; developing our goals and objectives then outlining and directing the means by which we can achieve them.

There are no rules of engagement for this enterprise. Funding will be available to support any desired initiatives provided the group can make the appropriate case for such funding. The RCR liaises regularly with key stakeholders (such as NHSX, NHS Digital, HealthTech industries) and will enable relationships with these groups as far as possible. 

Our one defined ask is that you find a way to share with and engage the wider clinical oncology community as to how technology, particularly AI and machine learning, is developing and the hugely positive impact it could have on both the quality of care we deliver and also the way we work in our everyday practice. 

Does this sound like a challenge for you?

If so, please apply in a manner which demonstrates why you should be a part of this dynamic team outlining any ideas you may already have and the skills and expertise you would bring. We are looking for experience, coupled with creativity and ambition. 

These positions are open to all clinical oncology Fellows and members. Applications will be reviewed by the Clinical Oncology Officer team and shortlisted participants invited to a virtually convened meeting.

How to apply 

Please contact the Policy and Academic Research Manager with your application by 31 July 2020.