Becoming a CR AAC Representative

AAC representatives play a critical function in supporting NHS organisations recruiting consultants to appoint the most suitable candidate for the role. At the College we also believe it is good professional development for representatives to find out how other trusts and health boards operate.
In volunteering to sit as a College representative, you have committed to providing your specialty expertise to help the recruiting committee select the most suitable candidate for their post and give assurance that the appointed candidate’s training is commensurate with the requirements of the role, recommending further training if it is not.
The AAC representative must:
  • Be a current Fellow of the College 
  • Have held a substantive consultant post in the NHS for at least two years and still be in active practice (or within six months of retirement)
  • Have the capacity to attend AACs at least twice a year
  • Have received appropriate training in fair and non-discriminatory interviewing and selection techniques and in the application of equal opportunities legislation within the previous three years
  • Have a keen interest in maintaining high professional standards in radiology nationally
  • Be willing and able to express an impartial opinion on the relative merits of each candidate is requested by the panel chair
If you are interested in becoming an AAC Rep complete the form below and the AAC team will contact you to confirm your submission.

Thank you for your interest.

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