What is an AAC?

An Advisory Appointments Committee (AAC) is an interview panel for a consultant or a specialty doctor in an NHS trust.
Each Medical Royal College must nominate independent representatives from their membership to sit on NHS interviews within their specialty for non-training doctor posts in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Why is the AAC needed?

This system provides quality assurance of shortlisted doctors for NHS patients and for NHS trusts when they are employing doctors. The system also lets the RCR do the following:

  • check that the appointee is qualified to train doctors for the future
  • track increasing or decreasing numbers of doctors
  • track increases or decreases in different types of posts
  • track where it may be difficult for NHS Trusts to attract new recruits

How can I get a job description reviewed?

Email the job description to the Professional Service Team; aac@rcr.ac.uk, the job description will be forwarded to a Job Plan Adviser.  Once reviewed and returned to the Professional Services Team will forward confirmation of the review to you.

Can I seek a second opinion and/or declare a conflict of interest when reviewing a job description?

Yes, forward the request for a second opinion to the Professional Services Team who will re-direct the job description to another Job Plan Adviser.

I’ve agreed to represent the RCR at an AAC, what happens next?

If you agreed to represent the RCR at an AAC, respond to the email sent by the RCR.  The Professional Services Team will forward your contact details to the Trust and will email you separately the College guidance and the Outcomes Form, which should be returned within two weeks of the AAC being held to aac@rcr.ac.uk

I’m representing the College at an AAC and have realised that I know one of the candidates.  What do I do?

You can still represent the College at the AAC.  However, you should declare the interest at the start of the interviews and take care not to show any bias when that candidate is discussed.

There is no indication of CCT date or of Specialist Registration on an application – how can I check this?

Contact the Professional Services Team by e-mailing aac@rcr.ac.uk or phoning 020 7406 5922.  We can look up the expected CCT date in College records or, if the candidate is not a UK Trainee we can look up the GMC List of Registered Medical Practitioners.

Why is there just one e-mail address to contact?

The aac@rcr.ac.uk is a dedicated inbox which is monitored daily by the Professional Services Team.  If one of the team is away from the office, colleagues are on hand to pick up issues that may arise.