Advisory Appointment Committees

Job planning advisors

'It allows me to support other colleagues by ensuring SPA time is in line with College guidance'

Trusts and health boards have different approaches to job planning to reflect the diversity of service delivery. The College plays a role in assessing whether minimum standards in job planning for consultant oncologists and radiologists are met as trusts and health boards develop roles. The College needs experienced consultants (at least four years) to support this critical area of work. This role requires turnaround within three weeks and advisers to provide recommendations for change when needed.

Email if you are interested in getting involved or have any further questions. 

Advisory Appointment Committee representatives

'It's a day out of the hospital and allows me to see how other departments work, their numbers, skill-mix, equipment and future planning'

Are you interested in finding out how clinical oncology and clinical radiology is run in different hospitals? Do you want to improve your interviewing skills? The College is looking for consultants with experience (at least four years) with an interest in representing the College. An AAC College rep will represent the RCR at interview panels to ensure that the training of the candidate is commensurate with the post. Guidance and training will be provided.

Email if you are interested in getting involved or have any further questions.