Join our international advocacy group

Are you interested in supporting work in low and middle income countries?

The International Advocacy Group supports Fellows and members in such work and to share experiences and opportunities. 

Working remotely across the world, the Advocacy Group provides important long-distance support to the RCR’s international humanitarian work. Members of the advocacy group contribute to the RCR’s global efforts by writing articles for the newsletter and website, publicising new and ongoing projects, and researching opportunities to sustainably advance clinical radiology and clinical oncology services overseas. The group also create teaching resources with the support of the International Committee. These teaching resources have been developed to support Fellows working and volunteering in low to middle income countries.

Please complete the Advocacy Group form with your details and preferences.

If you like to be involved in any aspect of international work or register your interest in overseas projects, or you are planning to carry out a project in the near future, please contact us: