Trainee welfare and coronavirus (COVID-19)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is likely that trainees may be exposed to clinical situations and decisions that they have not had to encounter until now.  As services recover, they will also be expected to utilise new ways of working and apply their skills in different ways.  It is critically important that they do not feel isolated, that they have ready access to senior members of the team who can support decision making and that they feel part of a mutually supportive team. All trainees should have the ability to discuss their experiences in a clinical forum, with regular debriefing as circumstances allow. This should be performed in a positive way to provide training but also to facilitate sharing of experiences and concerns.

The four UK Statutory Education Bodies (HEE, NES, HEIW and NIMDTA), the GMC and AoMRC are providing guidance for trainees and supervisors and updating this regularly. Links to this can be found on the training and education resources page

The Junior Radiologists’ Form (JRF) and Oncology Registrars’ Forum (ORF) representatives will provide a valuable point of contact to raise any concerns and are working closely alongside the RCR training team to support trainees. Please do not hesitate to contact your representative if you need support. The JRF and ORF both encourage trainees to keep a record of changes in training and practice and reflect on these to help inform decisions regarding progression and/or extension of training.

New or evolving issues may continue to arise during this global emergency. The RCR’s Medical Directors for Education and Training and the JRF and ORF chairs will maintain regular contact during this time, adapting and amending guidance where necessary to support our trainees.

Published 9 September 2020