Coronavirus (COVID-19) clinical radiology trainee FAQs

The information in this section has been provided in response to questions from clinical radiology trainee Fellows and members about COVID-19. Representatives from the RCR’s Junior Radiologists Forum (JRF) will be able to provide further support and guidance. Please email any queries to the JRF Secretariat


Please read our redeployment FAQs

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Teaching and training

Please read our teaching and training FAQs


Please see our examinations update for specific information about changes to RCR examinations due to COVID-19.

ARCP: training extension and progression

Please read our training extension and progression FAQs

CCT and Fellowships

Please read our CCT and Fellowships FAQs

Trainee wellbeing

Our training and education resources for trainees contain links to wellbeing resources as well as e-learning for trainees and information on the management of training programmes. The RCR is organising several wellbeing webinars and we will notify all trainees as and when these are available.


Please read our curriculum FAQs