Clinical radiology trainee FAQs: Training extension and progression

ARCP panels will adopt a more flexible approach to time off due to illness or isolation. Where the acquisition of required capabilities has been delayed solely due to the impact of COVID-19 (eg. due to cancellation or postponement of a required examination or reduced exposure to required training opportunities), trainees should be enabled to progress to the next stage of training with a clear plan for when the acquisition of these capabilities will be achieved.

Any additional training time that may be required will be reviewed at the next ARCP.

If a trainee has missed their three-month neuroradiology block as a result of COVID-19, will their CCT be delayed?

Although this seems unlikely, the decision is at the discretion of each deanery and will vary depending on the trainee's competence. Trainees are advised to keep a detailed record of competencies achieved, areas for improvement, and gaps in training opportunities. This can be used to support a case for extension in training. 

Will extension to training for IR and other sub-specialty training also be decided locally at ARCP?


Will ARCPs go ahead in 2021?

ARCPs for all trainees will go ahead in 2021, but are likely to be held remotely in most cases. Some trainees may also have interim reviews, particularly if they were given an extension to training at their previous ARCP. Trainees are advised to seek confirmation of individual arrangements from their Educational Supervisor (ES). 

Will outcome 10 be available for ARCPs in 2021?

The GMC have confirmed that the derogations to the Gold Guide, including outcome 10, will remain in place for the summer 2021 ARCPs.  Outcome 10 will remain an option for as long as necessary and will not be removed without consultation.

Further guidance about ARCPs, including information on the new Outcome 10 (COVID), and revised ARCP decision aids can be found on the main trainee progression page.

Updated 26 January 2021