College calendar

The RCR calendar details the dates of all RCR committee and board meetings throughout the academic year. This is regularly updated so please check you have the latest version.

See the full 2019 RCR calendar

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August 2019
28FRCRFinal Examination Part A  – Clinical Oncology
29-30FRCR  First Examination – Clinical Oncology
September 2019
061030Quality Improvement & Audit Committee – Clinical Oncology
12FRCRFirst Examination – Clinical Radiology
 1000Professional Support & Standards Board – Clinical Oncology
 1330Interventional Radiology Committee
13FRCRFirst Examination – Clinical Radiology
 1330Specialty Training Board – Clinical Oncology
17-18DDFMRPart A & B
191000Finance & Investment Committee
 1030Clinical Radiology Audit & Quality Improvement Committee
 1330Specialty Training Board – Clinical Radiology
201000Professional Support & Standards Board – Clinical Radiology
 1400International Committee
 1400Radiology Informatics Committee
211400Specialty Training Board – Clinical Radiology
241000Standing Welsh Committee
271030Academic Committee – Clinical Radiology
October 2019
021000Senior Fellows Forum
031100Remuneration Committee
04-11FRCRFinal Examination Part B - Clinical Radiology
101000Faculty Board – Clinical Radiology
111000Faculty Board – Clinical Oncology
12-17FRCRFinal Examination Part B - Clinical Oncology
14-16 RCR19
181030Regional Chairs – Clinical Radiology
231030Heads of Training - Clinical Oncolocy
 1030Clinical Oncology Academic Committee
251000CR Undergraduate Steering Committee
November 2019
011100Finance & Investment Committee
 1430Clinical Imaging Board
071400Joint Collegiate Council for Oncology
 1400Junior Radiologists’ Forum Executive Committee
141000Heads of Training - Clinical Radiology
151030Professional Learning & Development Committee – Clinical Radiology
 1400Oncology Registrars' Forum
211000Clinical Oncology Editorial Board Meeting
 1000Radiotherapy Board
 1100Professional Learning & Development Committee – Clinical Radiology
221500Admission Ceremony & Reception
290900Heads of Service – Clinical Oncology
December 2019
11FRCRFinal Examination Part A - Clinical Radiology
131400Junior Radiologists’ Forum