RCR calendar

The RCR calendar details the dates of all RCR committee and board meetings throughout the academic year. This is regularly updated so please check you have the latest version.

See the full 2020 RCR calendar

Oct | Nov | Dec 

011000Faculty Board – Clinical Radiology
 1500Interventional Radiology Committee
 1430Clinical Imaging Board
02FRCRFinal Part B Examination (writtens) - Clinical Radiology
05-09FRCRFinal Part B Examination (marking/orals) - Clinical Radiology
091400Honours Committee
10FRCRFinal Part B Examination (clinicals) – Clinical Oncology

Final Part B Examination (orals) -  Clinical Oncology


Final Part B Examination (marking) – Clinical Oncology

151030Heads of Training - Clinical Oncology
161030Academic Committee - Clinical Oncology
201700Heads of Service - Clinical Oncology
221000Undergraduate Steering Committee – Clinical Radiology
231000Faculty Board - Clinical Oncology
291030Lay Member Network Meeting
301030Finance and Investment Committee
051000Junior Radiologists’ Forum Executive Committee
 1000Radiotherapy Board
06FRCRJoint Examination - Writtens
09-13FRCRJoint Examination – Orals
101230Intercollegiate Standing Committee on Nuclear Medicine
131000Undergraduate Steering Committee – Clinical Oncology
 1030Heads of Training - Clinical Radiology
191030Joint Collegiate Council for Oncology
261000Editorial Board - Clinical Oncology
 1100Professional Learning and Development Committee – Clinical Radiology
271000DDMFR Examination Board
021700Heads of Service – Clinical Oncology
03FRCRFirst Examination (Physics) – Clinical Radiology
 1600Professional Support and Standards Board – Clinical Oncology
04FRCRFirst Examination (Anatomy) – Clinical Radiology
 1030Professional Learning and Development Committee – Clinical Oncology
09FRCRFinal Part A Examination – Clinical Radiology
111400Junior Radiologists' Forum