Clinical Excellence Awards 2020

The Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) has suspended the 2020 national Clinical Excellence Awards competition due to the increasing impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on all NHS staff.

There is now no need to complete an application form or for employers to sign off those already submitted, or request an RCR citation.

Platinum awards

Platinum awards, both new and renewals, have also been suspended. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges will not be collating platinum applications.

ACCEA will also ensure that those whose awards expire in April 2021 are not disadvantaged by being unable to submit a renewal application: their awards will be extended by one year.

No date has yet been set for the re-opening of the competition and ACCEA will provide further details this week after discussions with ministers and ACCEA committees.

If you require any more information please visit the ACCEA website or contact the RCR Clinical Excellence Awards team on 020 7406 5953 or by email at either clinical radiology or clinical oncology.