Honorary Membership

Nominations are sought annually for the award of Honorary Membership and the criteria for the award are set out in the extract from the relevant By-Law and Regulation below. 

Honorary Membership criteria 

Any member of The Royal College of Radiologists may put forward nominations for the award of Honorary Membership.  Under By-Law 3(1)(d) and Regulation 5, Honorary Membership may be awarded to persons, (whether medically qualified or not), who have 'made notable contributions to or promoted the interests of clinical radiology or clinical oncology'.  The award is intended for those who have made a significant contribution to either specialty in the UK through a direct link with RCR activities or RCR projects.

A small number of Honorary Memberships may be awarded in each year to such persons as Council considers fulfil the above criteria and who would not normally otherwise be eligible for membership of the College. 

2020 nominations

Nominations are now open. Please contact the Executive Assistant for more information. The closing date is Friday 11 September 2020.

Current Honorary Members