JRF Trainee Surveys

Since 2012 the JRF has carried out a comprehensive online survey of all UK clinical radiology trainees every two years.

The purpose of the survey is to investigate every aspect of clinical radiology training from practical education to the exams, out of programme experience and the effect of service commitments on training.

It is hoped that trainees and trainers alike will read the contents of the latest survey with interest. We hope that the information contained within will help to improve clinical radiology training in the UK. 

We wish for these results to be available to all trainees and trainers in the UK so please feel free to disseminate the report.

Please address any feedback, comments or questions to the JRF via the JRF Secretariat. Your comments will be gratefully received and will contribute to improving the design of the next survey.

2015 JRF Trainee Survey - Report

2018 JRF Trainee Survey - Infographic