Curriculum review and rewrite

Training curricula for all specialties and subspecialties are being rewritten in line with the GMC’s recently introduced “Excellence by Design” standards for postgraduate curricula.  These standards aim to improve the flexibility of training and move away from the “tick box” approach of previous curricula.  They also hope to produce curricula that will better support patient, professional and service need, as set out in the Shape of Training Report, by focussing on generic professional capabilities.  These broader skills are required by doctors across all medical specialties to produce safe and effective patient care.

The revision of the Clinical Radiology and Interventional Radiology curricula is led by the Curriculum Committee and overseen by the Specialty Training Board.  It will include regular consultation with a broad range of stakeholders including trainees, heads of training, lay representatives, clinical directors, regional chairs and patient groups.

This is the most significant revision of the curriculum since 2010 and we are keen to get as many views as possible as the project progresses.  We are also keen to ensure that trainees, trainers and service providers are able to effectively prepare for implementation of the new curriculum.  We will be publishing developments on these pages and encourage trainees, trainers and anyone who has an interest in radiology specialty-specific training to give us their views.

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Current position

Work has started on producing a new curriculum, structured around exit outcomes that clearly describe what a trainee will be able to do on completion of training and defining the expected level of competence for each stage of training.

Purpose statements for Clinical Radiology and Interventional Radiology have been approved by the GMC’s Curriculum Oversight Group (COG).  This confirms that they have the full support of the four countries of the UK and align with strategic workforce needs, including consideration and incorporation of relevant principles from the Shape of Training review.  The purpose statements are now available to view on this page.

Next steps

Work on writing the clinical content of both curricula is underway with the intention of submitting the final documents to the GMC’s Curriculum Advisory Group (CAG) on 11th July 2019 for final approval.  There will be a range of consultation taking place before this date.  Updates will be posted on the website as this work progresses.