As part of its investment in e-learning for Fellows and members, the College is running a series of monthly webinars alternating between oncology and radiology themes. The webinars will be facilitated by leading experts from each specialty and cover various hot topics and essential training issues. The duration of each will be approximately 60 minutes and RCR members will have the opportunity to interact live with speakers and fellow participants. CPD credits will be awarded and for those unable to participate, and recordings will be made available via the previous webinars tab (login is required).

Upcoming webinars

Skin radiotherapy in modern era of clinical oncology

24 April 2019
Led by: Dr Agata Rembielak

Recently there has been an alarming increase in skin cancer incidence worldwide. Although mortality from non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) is generally low, the total cost of treatment is becoming a considerable burden for health care services across the world due to the number of new cases, aging population and increased complexity of cases which often require a specialist multidisciplinary approach.

Radiotherapy has been used in NMSC for more than a century, in radical primary and nodal disease, in postoperative as well as in palliative settings. Recently there is an increased interest in the use of skin radiotherapy in NMSC not only in view of increased incidence and aging population but also due to an advantage that radiotherapy can offer to NMSC patients for organ and function preservation, particularly in cosmetic sensitive areas.

In this webinar Dr Agata Rembielak will discuss the role and future perspectives of skin radiotherapy in NMSC in modern era of clinical oncology.

Webinar: HPB Webinar series: 2 - Precision radiation techniques for pancreatic cancer

2 May 2019
Led by: Dr Ganesh Radhakrishna

With the advent of precision radiation therapy options now available for HPB malignancies in the UK, this webinar series has been developed to aid clinical teams in understanding the issues relating to implementing these techniques including tumour visualisation. In the second of these webinars we will be looking to provide an overview of the utility of precision radiation therapy in pancreatic cancer drawing on experience from clinical trials and real cases to highlight the pitfalls and suggested strategies to deal with these issues.

Webinar: Supporting local, departmental and system wide continuous improvement

8 May 2019
Led by: Dr Tricia Woodhead

This one-hour webinar will discuss ways and means to develop the capacity to make improvements and positive changes. We will explore the necessary ingredients to support learning and continuous improvement at team, department and organisation level. This will include ways to adjust governance meetings to ensure quality improvement is prioritised and momentum maintained and ways to more effectively use existing systems of work to address problems early.

We will include time for questions from listeners as well as follow up on questions raised subsequently. A short reading list will also be available for those wishing to follow up the topics covered in more detail.

The second webinar in the Leadership and Quality Improvement Programme for senior trainees and consultants in Clinical Radiology and Clinical Oncology 2019 series.

Webinar: Implantable Cardiac Electronic Devices and MRI - how to develop services

15 May 2019
Led by: Charlotte Manisty

This webinar will highlight the clinical need for improving MRI provision to patients with pacemakers and defibrillators, and aims to help those developing these services. Following an outline of historical safety concerns, the session will focus on current guidelines and workflows for scanning MRI conditional and non-MRI conditional devices.