Radiology Informatics Committee - Industry Workshop Information

Industry Workshop - 10 September 2020

Globally, radiology and technology go hand in hand to enable early and accurate diagnosis. Patient safety is assured through the development and achievement of robust standards which pervade both radiology and the technology used by departments to support the imaging service. Collaboration is key to this. The Royal College of Radiologists’ (RCR) Radiology Informatics Committee brings together clinical and technological expertise to ensure that technology augments service delivery in the best interests of patients.

On Thursday 10 September 2020 the Radiology Informatics Committee held a virtual Industry Workshop through which they showcased the new standards and guidelines they will be championing as fundamental to procurement of technologies over the next year. The committee is keen to engage with industry, to learn from each other and consider future priorities for developing informatics guidance for the radiology community. 

Topics covered included:

  • AI and image interpretation
  • Business Intelligence
  • Clinical decision support software
  • Teaching archives
  • Networks and report sharing

A summary of the event, together with the presentation slides are now available to download on the following links:

Thank you to everyone who attended the event. We hope you’ve found it useful.

If you would like to register your interest for any furture sessions or for more information please contact the RCR’s Professional Support and Standards Administrator.