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FRCR examinations updates

  • Our examination updates address any changes made to our FRCR examinations.
  • As part of the introduction of the exam hub we’re making some changes to the way candidates book onto the Final Part B exam. Candidates who have taken the exam before, will see that their attempts have been split into two parts (reporting and oral) and can be viewed as below. 

FRCR Part 2B (Radiology) – Reporting 

FRCR Part 2B (Radiology) – Oral 

When candidates log into their RCR account, they will only need to book and pay for the reporting exam and will be automatically booked onto the oral exam at the same venue.  

The rest of the exam content and delivery will remain the same, which means reporting exams will always be on a Friday and oral exams will take place on every day during the following week. Exam results will be displayed in the same format and will be in two parts. 

COVID-19 and RCR examinations

  • If you feel unwell or display COVID-19 symptoms do not attend the examination. 

Please direct any exams queries to or 020 7406 5905.

Purpose of assessment 

The Final FRCR (Part B) assessment examines candidates on all aspects of clinical radiology against the Specialty Training Curriculum for Clinical Radiology. The Final FRCR Examination Purpose of assessment statement details the examination's purpose, the required level of candidate training and the application of results. It is hoped that the statement will assist candidates, and those involved in their training, in understanding the scope of the FRCR examination and with relating the examination to other in-training assessments. The Final FRCR (Part B) examination consists of a reporting session, a rapid reporting session and an oral examination. 

Examination format

The reporting component of this examination will be computed based at the venue candidates have chosen. Candidates will receive a username and password to access the examination. The reporting instructional video and accompanying demonstration site should be viewed prior to the examination. The oral component will also be delivered to candidates in venues, via video conference, and further detail shows in the orals guidance video.

Examination content will be shared via MS Teams and candidates will be able to take control of the mouse and access functionality to manipulate images. After 30 minutes candidates will move to the second room and complete the second 30-minute session of the oral exam with different examiners.

Before you book an exam

The RCR offers several sittings of the Final FRCR Part B examination across the year. Criteria for entry for UK radiology trainees is a minimum of 34 months of training. Additionally, candidates are required to leave at least six months between exam attempts. 

  • Please read our instructions on how to prepare before you book for an exam.
  • To help your booking go smoothly, ensure that you have registered for an RCR account and have an RCR number.
  • If you have registered previously and can’t remember your login details, use the forgotten password or forgotten email links or contact us for support. Do not create another account

Dates, fees and venues

Find out about dates and fees for this exam

For information on the Joint Part B Exams in Hong Kong and Singapore, please see our Joint Exams page.

Booking through the exam hub

Bookings should be made through the RCR exam hub. Candidates should ensure they have read the examination regulations before booking.

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