Anatomy image viewing

Kit and functionality
Candidates are seated at a workstation comprising a 21.5" Apple Mac Core i5 and a mouse (right click disabled) but not a keyboard. The Osirix software used to deliver the examination provides a simple image viewing window and the ability to move through images. Guidance on the use of the software is available via a short instructional video shown to candidates in the examination waiting area. When viewing the video remotely image quality is dependent on local hardware and software, so please note the image quality in the video does not reflect image quality in the Anatomy examination. 

Candidates are also permitted a short time prior to the start of the examination to move between two practice images at workstations. 

During the course of the examination, all screen activity on computer workstations is monitored and recorded centrally. If suspicious activity is identified on an individual workstation, it will be “locked” remotely in order that the College can investigate further.

In the unlikely event of computer hardware or software failure during the examination, the candidate should alert an invigilator by raising their hand – spare workstations are available if necessary.

Sample images and FAQs
In addition to the instructional video, 'still' Anatomy sample images and a copy of the answer sheet are available to give candidates the opportunity to familiarise themselves with question styles and typical examination content.  The module comprises 100 images and associated questions; a single structure on each image is indicated by one or more arrows with a single question on that structure.  Candidates should complete the answer sheet provided with their responses - the examiners seek a degree of detail that would be appropriate for a written radiology report. Further information can be found in the FAQs.