Final FRCR Part A Examination

Purpose of assessment

The Final FRCR (Part A) single best answer (SBA) papers examine candidates on all aspects of clinical radiology and the basic sciences of physics, anatomy and techniques, against the Specialty Training Curriculum for Clinical Radiology. The Final FRCR Examination Purpose of Assessment statement details the examination's purpose, the required level of candidate training and the application of results. It is hoped that the statement will assist candidates, and those involved in their training, in understanding the scope of the FRCR examination and with relating the examination to other in-training assessments.   

Change to examination structure

In February 2016 UK trainees and trainers were advised that the examination would revert from a six-module structure to a single examination - the change affects trainees who started in ST1 in or around September 2015. The last modular examination that (eligible) candidates will be able to access will be in September 2017. Following that, the first Final FRCR (Part A) single examination will run in December 2017, and then again the following June. UK trainees part-way through the modular papers may be able to continue to attempt the modular examination throughout 2018 f they meet the published criteria. Further information on the new structure and the arrangements for candidates currently attempting modular papers and those moving to the new format are available via the frequently asked questions document. Candidates planning to enter for the first single examination should note that revised examination regulations will be issued in 2017 prior to the application opening date. Queries and comments on the change to the examination should, in the first instance, be addressed to Laura McGarry, Examinations Manager.

Existing modular format examination

In March and September 2017 the Final FRCR (Part A) examination will comprise six papers:

  Module 1:                   Cardiothoracic and Vascular
  Module 2:                   Musculoskeletal and Trauma
  Module 3:                   Gastro-intestinal
  Module 4:                   Genito-urinary, Adrenal, Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Breast
  Module 5:                   Paediatric
  Module 6:                   Central Nervous and Head & Neck

Further general information on the examination can be found in the guidance notes for candidates. A classification list provides information on how topics are grouped within the module. The papers are held over three consecutive days and specific information can be found in the dates and fees document. A candidate will be deemed to have achieved success at the Final FRCR (Part A) once all six modules have been passed. Candidates who hold a formal clinical radiology training post in which they are actively receiving clinical radiology training (or who have held such a post in the past) and have passed the First FRCR Examination are permitted to enter the Final FRCR (Part A) examination. There is no requirement to have completed a specific duration of training.

Applicants should ensure they have read the guidance notes for applicants and the examination regulations before applying. Online applications are now closed.

For examination venue information for the Autumn 2017 sitting of the Final FRCR (Part A) examination in Clinical Radiology, please refer to the venue list.

New single format examination

From December 2017, the Final FRCR (Part A) examination will comprise two papers to be taken on the same day, each containing 120 questions and covering a broad range of the core curriculum. Further information can be found in the dates and fees document and on page three of the frequently asked questions document. Candidates will be expected to have acquired 24 months in a formal clinical radiology training post before applying to sit the new single format examination.

Sample questions and guidance

Sample SBA questions and a copy of the answer sheet for the Final FRCR (Part A) examination are provided. Candidates are supplied with a candidate reference sheet for use during the examination. This gives information about normal ranges for investigations and frequently used abbreviations. Examiners have developed guidance for candidates to help understand the SBA format and how to approach questions - this document also provides questions that have been used previously in the Final FRCR (Part A) examination. Examiners have also provided guidance for candidates on TNM Staging - this document explains the knowledge required to answer questions related to this topic.