Lancaster University Radiology Society

Welcome to Lancaster RadSoc, 

Lancaster's brand new Undergraduate Society for Radiological Medicine!

Understanding and interpreting radiological images are a fundamental part of every Doctor's knowledge and especially medical students, yet most seem to have a panic attack when confronted by a chest X-ray and asked to 'say what you see'! Lancaster RadSoc has been founded with this in mind, aiming to provide lectures to better teach and prepare medical students on how to interpret medical imaging for both our exams and for future use: You'll most likely have to look at imaging no matter what specialty you go into.

We also hope to provide talks by the kind radiology consultants within the UHMB trust on what a career in radiology is actually like, especially since we get so little exposure to this specialty during medical school (hint: it's not just sitting in dark rooms looking at X-rays!)

This will include diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, breast radiology, cardiac radiology and many more areas which most of us may not have heard of or even thought about as a career.

Many of our trainee radiologists working in the UHMB trust are keen to teach and have already expressed interest in providing Lancaster medical students with lectures on every radiology topic from the basics of a chest X-ray to the complexities of MRI imaging.

If you either have an interest in radiology or simply want to get better at interpreting medical imaging then go to and like the page for updates on our future events and more!

Steven Hallett
President of Lancaster RadSoc