URSA benefits

The Association will provide the following membership benefits:

Affiliation with the College

Each society will have a signed memorandum of understanding with the College detailing all aspects of the relationship between both organisations.

Use of the College logo

Societies will be able to affirm their link to the College by using the official logo on documents and sites.

An annual meeting of society leads

The College will host an annual meeting to provide networking, mentoring and development opportunities for society leads or representatives.

An individual society page

This will provide an opportunity to advertise the society on the College website

An events listing page to promote the work of the societies

Forthcoming events of interest to students, trainees and trainers can be listed on the web page.

Access to career profiles, role guides and other useful information on careers in Radiology

Information to help students make their future specialty decisions and highlight areas of special interest in the imaging field.

A free copy of the RCR Newsletter to society leads

The College will send a copy of the quarterly newsletter to society leads for sharing with members.  Societies will also have the opportunity to contribute to the RCR newsletter with an occasional section dedicated to the work of radiological societies.

A free copy of the Clinical Radiology Journal to society leads

The College will send a copy of the monthly journal to society leads for sharing with members.  Clinical Radiology, the international monthly scientific journal of the Faculty of Clinical Radiology, brings you original research, editorials and review articles on all aspects of diagnostic imaging