University of Nottingham Radiology Society

Nottingham Radiology Society LogoEstablished in 2015 by fourth-year medical students with a common interest in radiology, the University of Nottingham Radiology Society aims to widen interest in radiology throughout the medical school and provide student and radiologist-led teaching for medical students.

By holding careers talks throughout the year and providing teaching opportunities for students, we also hope to facilitate the application process to a career in radiology.

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The teaching will be directed towards each stage of the course, from first-year anatomy spotters to final year OSCEs and will be delivered as a series of workshops and lectures.

Radiology is an exciting and growing specialty and is becoming increasingly implicated in diagnosis and treatment. We hope this society will be beneficial to students at the University of Nottingham medical school.

Mohsin Hussein, President  
Image of Mohsin Hussein