Cambridge Radiology Society (CamRadSoc)

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Re-forming in 2018 after a year of inactivity, the Cambridge University Radiology Society is a student-run organisation for medical students at the University of Cambridge. We seek to run events that educate students in the basics of radiology, and encourage undergraduates to consider a career in clinical radiology. In addition, we aim to point students to the wealth of resources and opportunities provided by postgraduate radiology organisations including the Royal College of Radiologists.

We ran an extremely successful inaugural Cambridge University Radiology Society Conference in November 2018, featuring a mix of talks and seminars which covered a range of topics from neurointerventional radiology to interactive small-group cases to assembling a portfolio for a career in radiology. Following on from this, we hope to run a series of moresystem-specific teaching sessions in the first half of 2019 to assist students from all the clinical years in their exam preparation.

The CamRadSoc Committee for 2018-19:
Presidents - Yu Ri Im, Katherine Lee
Vice-President - Carina Mouritsen-Luxhoj
Secretary - Jiawen Dong
Events Co-ordinator - James Wilson
Publicity Officer - Farhaan Khan
Treasurer - Baven Balendran
Clinical Liaison Officer - Tim Nye