Specialty recruitment

Recruitment and selection into Clinical Radiology and Nuclear Medicine training posts in England, Scotland and Wales is carried out through a nationally coordinated process run on behalf of the College by London Recruitment.  

All information about the process, including access to the application portal, interview structure and applicant guidelines, will be published on the ORIEL recruitment system. 

Specialty Recruitment Assessment (SRA)

In line with a number of other specialties a Specialty Recruitment Assessment (SRA) test was incorporated into radiology recruitment in 2016. All applicants were required to sit the SRA at a test centre in January 2016. The SRA was used to shortlist-out only the lowest scoring applicants. The SRA will be used again in 2017 and full details, including the available test venues in the UK and overseas, will be published on the ORIEL recruitment system when applications open

The selection day

Any details that applicants need to know about the selection day will be provided as part of the application process. 

Timeline 2016-2017 Recruitment

Advert released3 November 2016
Applications open (10am, UK time)9 November 2016
Applications close (4pm, UK time)1 December 2016
Longlisting completed by14 December 2016
SRA invitatoins circulated by20 December 2016 (latest)
SRA Assessement Window7 - 14 January 2017
SRA results publishedw/c 23 January 2017
Invitations to interview circulatedw/c 23 January 2017
Interviews16,17,20,21 February 2017
Initial offers circulatedBy 5pm 2 March 2017
Holding deadline (1pm, UK time)9 March 2017
Upgrading deadline (4pm, UK time)16 March 2017

Applicant enquiries

All enquiries should be directed to London Recruitment through the applicant enquiries portal.

Accredited transferable competencies

Because of the nature of radiology training there are currently no arrangements in place to recognise “accredited transferable competencies” from previous training in other specialties.