During the placement and useful information


The RCR will periodically check with the employer and the applicant as to how the placement is progressing and the ePortfolio is the easiest way in which to do so, using the appraisal forms available for that purpose.  The employer will be required to complete three educational supervisor appraisals per year: an annual induction, a mid-year review and end of year review.  An application form to open an eportfolio account will be sent to the applicant once the RCR is notified that they are in the UK. 

Relocation guidance

The AoMRC have produced a relocation guide to give international doctors some general advice about moving to the UK.  The guide aims to cover some of the key things that the applicant and their family (if applicable) will need to arrange and may find useful such as banking, accommodation, healthcare and culture.   


The GMC provides a range of information for doctors on the medical register including how to maintain registration, licence to practise and updating details. 

The GMC also runs a free Welcome to UK practice workshop for doctors new to the UK.

Changes to the employment terms and conditions

The UK employer must report any exceptions to the doctor’s employment terms and conditions to the Academy by completing the exception report form. This form must be completed and sent to the Academy if any exceptions to employment occur – e.g. resignation, dismissal, unexplained absence.  These must also be advised to the RCR.

End of the placement

The RCR will require confirmation towards the end of the placement that the applicant is preparting to return home.  The UK employer must also complete the exception report form the end of the applicant’s placement.