Advisory Appointments Committees

Advisory Appointments Committees (AACs) are interview panels to appoint Consultants, Specialty Doctors and Associate Specialist to NHS Trusts.

There is a statutory requirement for a representative from the RCR to sit on each AAC panel in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  This is to ensure that candidates have completed the correct training and are eligible for appointment (i.e. within six months of their CCT data, or already in a substantive post).  This includes posts with a 50:50 Academic/Clinical split, where the Consultant title may be Honorary. 

Full details on AACs can be found in The National Health Service (Appointment of Consultants) Regulations, Good Practice Guidance, January 2005 (PDF) - The link allows you to download the document.

This legislation does not apply to Foundation Trusts, however the 2005 Concordat between Medical Royal Colleges and the Foundation Trust Networks (revised in 2010) (PDF), recognises the mutual benefits of the process.