University of Manchester Radiology Society

The University of Manchester radiology society or "RadSoc" is a new and growing society devoted to increasing awareness of radiology among medical students. The society aims to run teaching sessions around the interpretation of medical imaging, careers advice, and interesting radiology cases.

We realise that exposure to radiology throughout many undergraduate curriculums is somewhat minimal and we hope to be able to provide for students wanting to find out more about radiology. Our events are aimed at all medical students, not just those interested in radiology and all students at the University of Manchester are welcome to join the society. We also welcome any plans for collaboration with radiology societies across the UK. 

We have big plans for the next couple of years and we hope to be able to expand the society and eventually follow in the steps of fellow radiology societies in holding our own conference.   


2020/21 Ghazn Khan 

2019/20 Zeeshan Kazmi

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